Josie George

East Bay Realtor


Marvin Gardens Real Estate

1575 Hopkins Street, Berkeley

Helping others has always been what is most important to Josie and the main reason she found herself entering into a career in Real Estate. She brings a personal approach to the buying and selling process and always puts her clients’ needs first.


Josie started her career working for the well-known charitable shoe company TOMS in Los Angeles. After 5 years of successes, she found herself wanting to help people in a more direct way. She found in real estate, a balance of creativity, logic, and heart that allowed her to help people accomplish one of life’s biggest goals: home ownership.


When working with her clients, Josie knows balance, flexibility, and her ability to wear many hats are what it takes to come out of a transaction successfully. Whether it's touring properties with her buyers, putting numbers and statistics behind decisions, keeping close tabs on off market opportunities, or project managing renovations that add value for her listings, Josie loves that all her clients and their needs are different and that she can make each experience personal and ending in celebration of goals accomplished!


The real estate market is always changing, and by having a pulse on what is going on in the community and beyond she is able to constantly evolve into a better, smarter agent and advocate for her clients. She is always excited to learn about new technology developments, use her social media to leverage opportunities, and beat out multiple offer scenarios with her buyers as well as getting multiple offers for her sellers.


Josie George is always looking for ways to be involved in giving back to the community: Check out Giveback Homes, which helps build homes for deserving families around the globe.