Beer tasting flight at Fieldwork Brewing Co

Do people really drink beer at 11am? Why yes. Yes they do, and Fieldwork is the ideal place for it. First of all, this brewery is in Berkeley, and it smells gorgeous inside and the outdoor seating is the best. I stopped in on a Sunday morning and ordered a grilled cheese with some fancy stuff in there and tasted a couple different beers too. Not sure if the grilled cheese tasted so great because of the beer or vice versa, but everything was bright and friendly and charmed. The clientele is more diverse than your average brewery bro crowd. Lots of women, a few babies and EIGHT DOGS IN UNDER AN HOUR. My table neighbors were super friendly and told me all about how they’d finished a run and then they came back to revisit a beer that knocked their socks off last week. They had been disappointed to find their favorite sold out days ago, but clearly didn’t stay sad about it for very long, 'cause each of these ladies had nice flights with about 6 new varieties before them. The chips were nice, the dip was exceptional, and my fast friends took my recommendation on adding a grilled cheese to share. It’s Berkeley, and we appreciate the art of fermentation, so there were pickles. Next door, while all this beer was happening, was some kind of maker’s meeting of quilt aficionados. -An overall magical, Berkeley-esque time was had by all that day. You can take the fun home with you too. Fieldwork sells “growlers and crowlers,” beer to go, in glass or metal. Pro tip: the metal keeps your beer fresher longer, and you can get more beer in there, but the glass is also great 'cause it's refillable, for those who would like to at least save the world a little bit... while ya drink your beer... first thing in the morning. Cheers! We've contacted the owner of this fine establishment for some inside details, so more coming soon from Fieldwork's Bradley Braden, including a possible “only in Berkeley” story unique to the spot. Fieldwork Brewing Co. at 1160 Sixth Street in Berkeley, open from 11 to 11 Friday and Saturday and 11am to 10pm the rest of the week. Say hi to Tessa, and let her guide your decision as to what kind of brew you’d like in your crowler… many, many fine choices.